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The Very Rev. Raymond J Waldon, Dean  - The Rev. Tyler Doherty, Assisting Minister

Deacon Libby Hunter, Deacon, Retired

Mr. Branden Burningham, Senior Warden and Mr. Kurt Cook, Junior Warden

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                                                                                                                                                                     - The Very Rev. Raymond J. Waldon, Dean


Cathedral Summer Hours   Please note that the Cathedral office will be open from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday until the end of August. Our Choir is on vacation during August and returns for a full season in September. 


Thursday, August 18th 11:30 a.m. Thursday Bible Study Outing   Unravel the mysteries inside all of us! Do you have your father's hairline or your mother's dimples? How many times in a row do you sneeze? Are your eyes blue? On Thursday, August 18 the participants in Thursday's Bible Conversation are going to the Utah Museum of Natural History. We will have a presentation by a curator/scientist, lunch, and tour the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code exhibit.

Sundays Adult Formation (9:15 a.m. Bates Room)   An interactive series on the history and development of liturgical music conducted by Mr. Christopher Wootton and Fr. Tyler Doherty begins August 14th and runs through the 28th. The series will examine such topics as: the history and practice of Anglican Chant (August 14th); the story of the creation of the Lift Every Voice and Sing II (LEVAS) hymnal (August 21st); and explore some gems of them supplemental hymnal, Wonder, Love, and Praise and additional aspects of the sung liturgy (August 28th). The sessions will take place in the Deans’ Hall where we can make a joyful noise together!


Front Desk Volunteers Needed   If you are interested in volunteering at the front desk reception area, please contact Gail Wix ( Duties include answering phones, light clerical work, basic computer tasks, and providing tours for visitors to the Cathedral. Shifts usually run from 9 a.m. – noon, and 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. during the summer and 9 a.m. – noon, and 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. during the rest of the year.

Need a Ride to Church?   Thanks to a generous grant from the Diocese, the Cathedral’s Lay Pastoral Care group—Feed My Sheep—is offering free rides to the Cathedral through a driver service for the Thursday 10:00 a.m. Mass, the Saturday 5:30 p.m. Mass, and the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday masses. To reserve a spot, please leave a message on Sheila Bilbrey’s answering machine—801.363.0844. The program will be piloted beginning on July 18th. Please make sure to request your ride at least 24 hours in advance ensure a pick-up can be arranged.

Monday Bridge Group (1:30 p.m./Bates Room)   Bridge Group meets on the third Monday of each month in the Bates Room. Contact Liz Keller ( for more information.

Sundays Children and Youth Formation (9:15 a.m.)   Children’s Formation and Youth Formation will resume in late August. Watch this space for information on up-coming retreats at Camp Tuttle, or visit their website at

Wednesdays Christian Meditation Group (8:00 a.m. Rare Books Room)   Join Fr. Tyler for a weekly time of contemplative prayer in the tradition of Fr. John Main, OSB and the Desert Tradition. Newcomers and beginners are welcome, and instruction in the way of silent prayer is given at each session. We begin with a short reading and then sit for 20 minutes of silent prayer. Contact Fr. Tyler if you have any questions—

 Thursdays Living Our Vows Every Day (L.O.V.E.D)   L.O.V.E.D is a tool to help us become more mindful and accountable for living our baptismal vows on a daily basis. Meeting together in the early evening in a small group weekly gives us the opportunity to share our week, using the baptismal vows as our touch stone. If you would like to join a group, or get more information, please speak with Bonnie Weiss (, or contact Canon Vicki Evans at ( All are welcome!

Thursdays Bible Study and Lunch (11:00 a.m./Bates Room)   This lively discussion follows the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist. A complimentary (donations gratefully accepted) lunch is provided at noon. The discussion is led by the Reverend Canon Caryl Marsh and the Very Reverend Jack C Potter, Dean Emeritus. **Please note that Bible Study and Lunch will not be held during the month of August. July 28th will be the last day, and it will resume on Thursday, September 8th**

Thursdays Knitting Ministry Group   We gather for an hour each Thursday after our community lunch to knit for various ministries and to discuss a book selection regarding spirituality and faith. Contact Carolyn Ershler at or simply show up Thursdays 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Thursdays Centering Prayer (5:30 p.m./Colton Library)   Please arrive a few minutes early and enter through the north door. This is a wonderful time to sit with God for 20 minutes and then conclude with brief prayers. Contact Nancy Appleby at 801.484.1965 or for more information.

Hildegarde’s Pantry   Hildegarde’s had another busy month with a number of new people served. During the month of June, the pantry served 2,497 adults and children and had over 53, 836 lbs. of food delivered from the Utah Food Bank. For the upcoming month please consider donating: Spaghettio’s, Spam, chili beans, and ravioli. Cat and dog food is also much appreciated (big bags are welcome as we re-bag them into smaller bags). Lydia Herrera, the pantry manager, is thankful to all the parishioners of St. Mark’s for their donations and for making this ministry possible. You may contact Lydia at 801.328.2303 or 801.688.0702.

The Mustard Seed   The Mustard Seed is open for business. Drop on in and see us!



Are You Signed Up for Constant Contact?   Constant Contact is the Cathedral’s electronic newsletter that is designed and sent out by Fr. Tyler each week (Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.) to your e-mail address. Constant Contact is also the best way to receive information about other events at the Cathedral. If you do not receive Constant Contact, and would like to be on the e-mail list, please let Fr. Tyler know via e-mail at

Food Pantry Garden   Thank you to Sue Lewon for her labor in the pantry garden this week. Her work is an outward sign of love and caring for those who have little. If you have not signed up for "just one week," there are many weeks unclaimed and you are needed. Contact Lisa Waldon for questions at



This week in our parish family we are asked to pray for: Jane and the Brooks family; the people of France, Japan, and Houston. Bob and Susan; Steve and Susan; Ariel and William; Diana; Wendy; Margaret and Jerry; The Rev. Michael Sei, his diocese and the people of Liberia; Odyssey House; Patrick; Phyl; Connie; Wilma; Peg; Bob; Phillip; Patrick; Sherry; Jim; Jean and Clare; Anne; Brent; Pete; Bonny; Brent; Jacqueline; Joe; Pam; Hal and the Gascoigne and Hayes families; all who serve in our Armed Forces; and the patients and staff at St. Mark's Hospital. For infants unknown who will be interred this week in our columbarium as a community service.  Those who have died; those who have died in service to our country around the world; and those whose names we do not know.





Father Ray made his "Deanly" visit to Page Arizona in July!


"I spent a wonderful time in Erie, Pennsylvania with the other North American Deans as we gathered to pray, listen, and speak about finding hope in places of loss," said Dean Ray. Dean Ray and his wife, Lisa, joined the Deans and their spouses/partners for four days with Sister Joan Chittister as the spiritual retreat leader and Dean Downey of Erie as the facilitator. They heard a variety of speakers including a talk about the building up of England's Coventry Cathedral, which was facing dire economic circumstances and speakers from the Erie school system as they face a $100,000 cut in budget. They also heard from a nation-wide children's network and say the reclamation of Lake Erie, first-hand. The group prayed at the Benedictine House and took a tour of the local Erie harvesting grape farms. Dean Ray says that the ideas that he is bringing back will serve the Cathedral well as it transforms into a CATHEDRAL FOR THE CITY, not just a Cathedral in the city.


The Cathedral is forming a Youth Vestry to foster and train church leadership for fast growing youth. In the next five years it is projected that our Junior and Senior Youth group will be one of the largest in recent history. Already our elementary group is commanding a lot of our resources and our Nursery program is expected to grow over the next three years. Our Youth Vestry, which will meet 4 times a year, is being formed by the Dean to give their advise on the direction of the youth programming and to help create programs that are meaningful.  


The Salt Lake City Police Department and Interim Police Chief, Mike Brown, have accepted Dean Ray's invitation to use the Cathedral for community gatherings to dialogue about building trust and exploring ways of unity as well as ways of positive changes within our community. Details will be announced soon.  




LATEST: Diocesan Convention is coming April 29-30th to the Cathedral. Dean Waldon is up for re-election as a clergy on the Disciplinary Board as well as re-election as a Deputy to General Convention 2018. Mr. Bill Leach, former vestry member and chair of lay services scheduling, is up for election to the Standing Committee.


Daily Schedule

Morning Prayer 8:30 AM  Monday - Friday

Holy Eucharist    Monday/Tuesday/Friday   12:10 PM   - Wed 7:00 AM  -  Thursday 10:00 AM- Saturday 5:30 PM- Sunday 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM

Bible Study 11:00 AM Thursday       Christian Formation Adults and Children 9:15 AM Sunday    Confirmation Class 12:15 PM Sundays

"Deans Tea" & "Deans Book Club"  as announced  


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OUR NEW WEBSITE IS UNDER REPAIR. We were hit by a major hack into our Cathedral, called a ransomware. No private files or coded files were compromised, but we lost all of our web files due to our security. But it means we are behind in re-creating our site! 


On behalf of the Vestry and Members of the Cathedral know that we so enjoyed hosting our annual convention. In April we will welcome you back! Until then, our Bishop Paul Jones exhibit will remain on display. If there is anything I or my staff can do for you or your ministry, just call us at 801-322-3400. Remember that our clergy are available to help in any way that we can. Our motto is- WELCOME to Salt Lake City's Downtown Episcopal Cathedral.  See our calendar for more information. -The Very Rev. Raymond Joe Waldon, Dean

-Make note- The Winter Solstice Jazz concert IN THE CATHEDRAL will take place December 21 at 7:00 PM!

-A fund raiser for Hiledegards Pantry is being scheduled.. Stay tuned for details!

-Confirmation classes are underway! See a member of the clergy any Sunday for details.


If you are passing by and feel that life is fragmenting into a vast number of irreconcilable, shattered pieces, then please know that Cathedral Church of St. Mark holds an outrageous hope that, in God alone, all aspects of life are in unity. We believe that God is the Alpha, the beginning and that God is the Omega, the ending of all things. So we are called to extravagant hospitality in the confidence that a gracious welcome is central to a cathedral’s purpose. And yes, we are part of a specific religious tradition. We are so, not because one religious tradition exclusively contains all truth, but because when one goes on a long journey toward ultimate unity, one has to depart from one specific place. Cathedral Church of St. Mark, Episcopal Diocese of Utah, is our point of departure. Our companion and ultimate confidence in the journey is Jesus Christ. We believe Him to be the clear manifestation of God’s love for the whole world and the expression that all of our lives are in ultimate unity even beyond the finality of death. In the midst of what appears to be an ever-increasing fragmentation of life, Cathedral Church of St. Mark offers a House of Prayer for all people, an abiding hope that there is a Oneness at the center of human life. Enter, pray, and may your time here be blessed.

A Brief History of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark

The Episcopal Church was much a part of the frontier heritage of the Intermountain West, and Salt Lake City was a focal point for the church's role in the area's pioneer history.  St. Mark's was the first permanent Protestant church to be established in the Salt Lake Valley.

Daniel S. Tuttle, a native of New York state, was elected by the Episcopal Church to be missionary bishop to the new territory of Montana with jurisdiction in areas that later became the states of Utah and Idaho.  He arrived in Salt Lake City July 2, 1867 and began to build a congregation. 

One of Bishop Tuttle's early concerns was for a building to house his growing congregation.  Generous Episcopalians in New York and Pennsylvania, believing they could help fight polygamy in the region, made large contributions and on July 30, 1870, the cornerstone was laid for St. Mark's Cathedral.  Blueprints for the building were donated by Richard Upjohn, founder of the American Institute of Architects and at that time the most distinguished designer of churches in America.

The simple, traditional design was based on the Bishop's desire to reflect the values and the spirit of frontier America.  "The cathedral is to be developed along lines adapted to American ideas and adjusted to American habits," he admonished.  The thick native red sandstone walls and heavy timber roof trusses reflect the determination of the designers and builders to achieve permanence in a frontier community.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, the cathedral still has that original simplicity and strength.  The building is small for a cathedral, seating about 500 persons, but at the time of its construction would have held every Episcopalian in the territory.

On Nov. 15, 1870, St. Mark's Parish was formally organized, and services were held in the crypt of the unfinished building.  The cathedral was consecrated on May 14, 1874.  Bishop Tuttle noted, "When completed our church will have cost, I fear, $40,000. Alas! Alas!"  Transepts were added over the years, and the chancel and sanctuary were completed in 1901. 

The cathedral has survived moderate earthquakes, and in 1935 a serious fire gutted the sanctuary, destroying two beautiful stained glass windows over the altar.  The restoration was completed with only minor modifications to the original design.

The construction and subsequent history of The Cathedral Church of St. Mark was, and continues to be, a visible demonstration that diverse religious beliefs can thrive in Utah.  Though a minority in number, Episcopalians have always been instruments for social justice and care in this community.  By 1880, members of the church had established St. Mark's School, Rowland Hall School, and St. Mark's Hospital, all evidence of the concern for people that was the cornerstone of Bishop Tuttle's ministry.

The grace of the cathedral is symbolized in the lives of the people who, for either a brief moment of prayer, or the ministry of a lifetime, have found it to be an oasis in the desert, a place of refreshment, encouragement and strength through Word and Sacraments.

After leaving Salt Lake City, Bishop Tuttle reminisced:  "Prayers and tears and hopes and fears and sacred memories, as well as altar and walls and gifts and memorials, were consecrated in that noble building in the mountains, to which my heart turns even now in the deepest tenderness."


Meet the Cathedral's wonderful staff!

The Very Reverend Raymond Joe Waldon

The Very Revered Raymond Joe Waldon was installed as the Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark in 2011. Prior to his calling to the Cathedral, he served as rector of St. Peters in Alabama. He served in South Carolina, The Central Gulf Coast, and Western Louisiana. Dean Waldon graduated from Virginia Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity. He also holds bachelor degrees in English and Journalism from Louisiana Tech with a focus on Broadcast Media.

 As Dean, Waldon directs the daily life and worship of the Cathedral, which includes over 800 people, a number that has increased since his arrival. Waldon envisions the Cathedral as a place where all people are welcome and all are able to grow in their relationship to God. Recent attendance records were set for several events including Lessons and Carols in 2014 that featured the governor and a member of the first presidency of the LDS Church. Further, Waldon has charted the Cathedral as a community wide center of worship, a place of conversation on poverty, the environment, and ecumenism. Waldon is also a noted community leader recently being featured in a Salt Lake City Magazine. He serves on a charitable board, assists with the leadership of Hildegard’s Pantry—a community resource on the premises of the Cathedral that provides food to over 30,000 annually—provides council to civic leaders, and has hosted numerous other events throughout the city.

 Waldon is also a leader within the greater Episcopal Church. He currently serves as Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Diocese of Utah, is a member of the Ecclesiastical Court, and has mentored seminarians and deacons. He serves as a Deputy at 2015 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the Convention, he provided critical leadership as the Cathedral hosted thousands of Episcopalians from across the globe and as the House of Bishops elected Michael Curry as the 27th Presiding Bishop from the nave of the Cathedral. He was a finalist for Bishop of Northern Indiana, withdrawing after the third ballot falling a few votes of shy of election in the lay order. "I was called to be one of five voices in that process and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to explore that call and widen my vision for the Cathedral.

Before ordination, Waldon was an award-winning broadcaster and journalist. He enjoys golfing, is working on completing a book on prayers and enjoys studying biography, philosophy, and history. He has been married to Lisa, his wife, for 37 years; they have two adult children and two grandchildren. He will celebrate 21 years of ordained ministry this year.

“My vision is to create an inclusive environment where all who wish may see Jesus.” (Cathedral Address, 2011)